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Electric Flosser Reviews 2017 - The Top Models Reviewed and Compared. Do oral irrigators work and are they an alternative to regular flossing or NOT?

Hi and welcome to ElectricFloser.net! This site has been created to share my experience with electric water flossers to help guide you in the right direction with selecting the right flosser that suits your requirements and needs.

waterpik-ultraFeel free to browse the site, you will find plenty of information about electric flossers as well as oral care and hygiene advice.

What Is An Electric Flosser ?
An electric flosser provides a great alternative to your regular string style flossing.

If flossing is not a part of your regular dental hygiene, then an electric water flosser can provide you with an efficient, easy method for cleaning in between your teeth in as little as 60 seconds.
Basically an electric flosser cleans between your teeth and below the gum line using a jet of pressurized water.

Which model will best suit your needs?

We have researched all of the top models available and created our reviews from manufacturers information but more importantly customers opinions and reviews.
Read through the information provided on the site to determine which model will best suit your needs.
Then you will have a better understanding of what your requirements are and which model to choose.

What Is The Best Electric Flosser?

If you are in a hurry our top pick is the Ultra WaterPik WP-100 Water Flosser.

As pointed out above this product is the number 1 choice of thousands of consumers and is great value for money.

 TOP-1-290x49ultra-water-flosserReaders Most Popular Choice bench top Water Flosser.Mains Powered.10 pressure settings.
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 EDITORS-CHOICE-290x49ultra-water-flosserEditors Choices – Bench top Water Flosser.Mains Powered.10 pressure settings.
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 Before Buying an Electric Flosser consider these factors:

A mains powered model is normally designed for use in one place only near a mains power wall outlet -on a bench and is not portable. They have a more powerful motor and can be used repeatedly without worrying about going flat. The water storage tank size is larger (Higher Water Capacity). The water jet pressure is higher and have more preset pressure settings.

Cordless Rechargeable:
Cordless rechargeable electric flossers offer the convenience of being able to be taken with you anywhere in the house or even on vacation as they do not have a fixed power cord. The cord is used to recharge the battery on rechargeable models. The water tank storage sizes are smaller than mains powered models and require refilling after every use.

Rechargeable battery models are generally more expensive than models that take disposable batteries as they can be recharged over and over. Their initial purchase price is higher than non rechargeable models but this cost is initially rather than over time as batteries do not need to purchased again when the unit goes flat. Plug it into the charger again for the next use.

Tank Size:
The water storage tank size is the largest on the mains powered models. Cordless models have smaller storage tanks so the unit can be held while using the unit. The storage size is normally large enough for a single use then requires refilling. If more cleaning time is required the tank will need to be refilled again. If flossing is performed at home only then a bench top mains powered model is recommended.

With modern manufacturing all products are supplied with an owners warranty. The extent of this warranty will vary with each manufacturer. the standard warranty period is normally 12 months. Check with the manufacturer of the water flosser for their specific limitations of warranty and warranty period. Some manufactures are confident of their workmanship and offer 3 years warranty.


The main criteria that must be established is what power source is required for your electric flosser.

There are three main types that are available. They are listed below.

Bench top models

Bench top models are designed to be placed on a bench in a bathroom where there is mains power to plug the unit into.

list-style-checkBest for: Home use.

list-style-checkPros: Powerful motors, Multiple pressure settings, Larger water storage tanks.

list-style-crossCons: Not portable, may produce more noise than a battery models.

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Cordless Rechargeable

Cordless rechargeable electric flossers offer the convenience of being able to take it with you anywhere in the house and even on vacation.

list-style-checkBest for: Portable use no cord is required during use.

list-style-checkPros: Rechargeable, portable convenience, transportable, low noise.

list-style-crossCons: Require recharging, small water tanks, requires refilling often.

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Non Rechargeable Flossers

Non rechargeable battery models are cheaper to purchase but require new batteries every time it goes flat so they are not as cost effective over time.

list-style-checkBest for: Portable use no cord is required during use.

list-style-checkPros: Light weight, low purchase prices, not loud.

list-style-crossCons: Require new batteries when flat, not as powerful.

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